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RedArrowOnline is Compliance Information System's next generation of software for the management of drug and alcohol testing and background screening programs.

Offered as a true cloud-based program, there is absolutely nothing to install and your data is backed up automatically and stored securely.


Government Agencies
Background Check Company

RedArrowOnline provides powerful, easy to use tools to help increase efficiencies in the processing of drug test results. Whether you're processing a thousand tests a year or hundreds of thousands of tests per year, we have an affordable plan for you.

In addition to the standard features of RedArrowOnline which can help you manage all aspects of a company's substance abuse testing program; MRO orientated tools include:
  • Automated test results downloading from our vast network of connected laboratories
  • Filtered work lists for MROs (non-negatives) and MRO assistants (negatives)
  • Create custom checklists and add notes for interviews
  • Call logging (date/time stamp)
  • Non-contact positive timers
  • View locally scanned CCF images
  • Links to donor and company contact information
  • View detail collection and laboratory information
  • Track "status" such as "pending prescription verification", etc.
  • Batch result processing
  • Digital signature stamping
  • Automated results reporting via e-mail/fax/web or data
  • Scan or attach other documents to test records
  • Since RedArrowOnline is fully web-based, you can work from anywhere you can access the internet!

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Experience matters...

We've been working with Third Party Administrators (TPAs) both large and small since 1993. Over the years our clients have helped us build the tools they need to help their businesses manage drug and alcohol testing data in the most efficient and accurate way.

RedArrowOnline provides answers to the following questions...

  • How to download results from multiple labs or MROS electronically?
  • How can I provide results or statuses and random pool group information to my clients on the web?
  • How do I manage varying test processing protocols for my diverse client base?
  • How can I manage random pool groups efficiently?
  • How can I manage a consortium pool group?
  • How can I help ensure DOT compliance for my clients?
  • How can I provide statistical reports such as the MIS reports?
  • How do I manage billing and invoicing?
  • How do I manage results reporting if some of my clients want e-mails, some faxes and others want to go to the web?
  • How can I improve my test result turnaround time?
  • How can I handle more business without hiring more people?
  • How can I compete with the big boys' technology on my budget?
  • How can I easily add background checks to my service offerings without my head exploding?
  • Give us a call, or sign up for your free 30 day trial and we can help you find out how.

Why RedArrowOnline?
RedArrowOnline is absolutely a 100% fully web-based application. This means no more installations, no more networking problems, no more worrying about backing up your data, no more worrying about Windows Vista or Windows 7 compatibility issues, no more wasting money on maintaining expensive servers or IT services, and no more waiting to receive the latest software bug fixes or updates and it's all automatic. Now you can focus on your business and not your IT.

RedArrowOnline is the only off-the-shelf software application that is fully integrated with software which is used at over 2000 collection site locations all over the nation.

RedArrowOnline is the only off-the-shelf drug and alcohol testing software application that is integrated with Clearstar Logistics background check screening services.

RedArrowOnline pricing is scaled for TPAs both small and large.

RedArrowOnline provides excellent customer service and offers online documentation and web-based training services.

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RedArrowOnline provides employers the tools they need to efficiently manage their drug and alcohol testing for both federally regulated (DOT) and general drug free workplace programs. RedArrowOnline makes it easy to manage random pools, import employee rosters, track results, set up EAP programs, view statistical reports, manage and connect to vendors (Labs, MROs and collectors). Since RedArrowOnline is a fully web-based system, there is no need to coordinate with your IT department for installation or updates.

Our flexible subscription and pricing model ensures we have a solution to meet your budget.

Solutions for federally regulated (DOT) companies:

Our programs have been utilized by companies regulated by…

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • Federal Railway Administration (FRA)
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
  • Department of Energy (DOE)
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
  • U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)
  • Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)
  • Clients who have utilized CIS software for their programs include SEPTA (Transit), JD Irving LTD, URS Corporation, Caterpillar, NASA Shared Services, Sandia National
Laboratories, US Secret Service, Westinghouse SRS, Pacific Gas & Electric, Constellation Energy, DC Department of Fire, Xcel Energy, and hundreds more.

RedArrow can help ensure your compliance with federal regulations for your random pool groups, records keeping and MIS reports.

Solutions for general drug free programs

Our programs have been utilized by schools, cities and counties, construction groups, sports groups, casinos, amusement parks, police, and fire organizations, gas and electric, distribution centers, and many other industries.

Whether you simply need a court defensible random selection program, or something more robust, RedArrowOnline has a solution.

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School drug testing programs consist of a written policy, faculty drug identification program, student education program, student assistance program, and a drug testing program (Randoms, reasonable suspicion testing etc). RedArrowOnline provides the tools you need to manage a legally defensible random selection program as well as help manage effective follow up testing plans.

RedArrowOnline allows you to manage multiple random pool groups utilizing user definable pool group criteria. Manage random pool groups by grade level or athletic department or any other demographic you choose.

Variable random algorithms allow you to select from pure random selections where every student has equal chance to be selected each time you run a random or by composite random where the program can apply weight to anyone previously selected for a random to reduce the chance that they will be selected in future draws.

RedArrowOnline allows for the use of student IDs, social security numbers or any other identifier.

Statistical reports can help analyze and identify you drug testing program for effectiveness and help identify patterns and trends within the school.

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Background Check Comapny
Background check companies looking to expand their services to include drug testing services need more than just good software for random testing management; they need a good technology partner who has experience with data integration, web-based solutions, and the capability to provide custom programming services. We have that experience.

RedArrowOnline is your full featured web-based software solution providing management tools for managing:
  • Random selections (DOT & non-DOT)
  • Downloading results from your laboratory and MRO vendors
  • Reporting results via e-mail/fax/web or XML export
  • Billing
  • Statistical reports
And more
In addition, RedArrowOnline does NOT require you to use specific laboratory or MRO services; rather it operates completely independently from your vendors allowing the maximum flexibility in selecting service providers.

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Traditionally, only the largest of drug testing laboratories have had the ability to invest in advanced web-based software solutions for their clients. This is because the development, testing and maintenance of the necessary technology solutions has been an expensive proposition for laboratories for which drug testing may be only a small part of their business. This is especially true for laboratories with limited IT resources.

With RedArrowOnline, the barriers have been removed. RedArrowOnline was designed to work outside of your Laboratory LMS environment. Results can be sent from your LMS system into RedArrowOnline which then distributes them to your clients via the method (or combination of methods) your clients request e-mail, fax and/or web.

RedArrowOnline can also provide a web-based portal for Medical Review Officers to update results prior to release for accounts that require MRO review for DOT tests or non-negative review.

RedArrowOnline laboratory solutions can provide:
  • Drug test results online with advanced reporting profiling
  • CCF images online with search capability
  • Electronic CCF printing (Outsourced CCF stock printing and web-based collection site CCF generation)
  • Software for drug free workplace program management (Random selections, reports, etc)
  • Background check ordering
  • Give us a call and let us work with you to design a low cost, low investment solution that will allow your organization to significantly improve your drug test related solutions.

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Government Agency
RedArrowOnline is ideally suited to manage drug testing programs for U.S. government agencies testing under all general DOT covered industries as well as DOE and NRC covered organizations. We've done business with entities such as Sandia National Laboratories, US Secret Service, Department of Agriculture, US Army, US navy, NASA, and many others.

We are part of the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) program and qualify for small business purchases.

Our DUNS# is 826169161

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